It is a market-leading trading service provider, providing you with unparalleled foreign exchange, stocks, commodities, encrypted digital currencies, with index trading conditions and innovative trading technologies.

Customer Fund Protection

We will hold your funds in accordance with the Customer Fund Protection Regulations of the United States Department Of Treasury . Your funds are protected in a separate trust account, and client funds and company funds will be stored separately.

Customer Fund Protection
  • According to the client funds regulations of the United States Department Of Treasury , all client funds are kept in a separate trust account

  • JVG MARKETS Ltd will use its own funds for hedging, so it will not use client funds for this purpose

  • JVG MARKETS Ltd will not transfer client funds to hedging counterparties

  • JVG MARKETS Ltd will not initiate speculative positions in the market

  • JVG MARKETS Ltd has no affiliation with any other company or sovereign debt

Diversified payment

*Some payment methods may not be available in your country/region.

Why choose us

  • Clear and understandable platform

  • Diversified trading varieties

  • Commission-free

  • Ease of obtaining authorization and supervision

  • Negative balance protection

  • 24/7 online support


  • Contract for difference
    Provide more than 40 currency pairs, including major currency pairs, minor currency pairs and other currency pairs
  • Precious metals
    Gold and silver are very attractive alternative investment products with relatively high market liquidity
  • Energy
    Provide 3 popular investment commodities: British Brent crude oil, US WTI light crude oil and US natural gas
  • Index
    Provide more than ten kinds of indexes, including multi-country stock market index and U.S. dollar index
  • Stock
    More than 270 well-known corporate stocks, listed companies in the United States and Europe, and popular stocks in Hong Kong

Top-tier provider

As JVG MARKETS is clear and easy to understand and has many powerful advanced features, it is one of the most highly rated trading applications used by international trading customers. JVG MARKETS also provides trading on popular financial instruments.

Why use JVG MARKETS proprietary trading software?

JVG Markets proprietary trading platform is revolutionary software that has helped many of our clients imporve their trading experience.

Why trade wtih JVG Markets??

  • Support around the clock

    Get global access to platform specialists 24 hours a day.

  • More than just FX

    Trade CFDs with to go long or short on thousands of markets.

  • Free mobile app

    Trade on wherever, whenever and never miss an opportunity.

  • 99%+ server uptime

    Giving your algorithms the best conditions to operate in.2

  • High quality, low costs

    Maximise your returns with our consistently low spreads

  • Accountable, end-to-end service

    Unlike others, we use our own institutional-grade technology for liquidity, pricing and execution.

Trading at your fingertips

Trade anywhere, anytime using our various platforms.

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