Trading services are available in all categories in the following list.

  • Contract for difference
  • Precious metals
  • Energy
  • Index
  • Stock
  • Forex

Introduction to Trading

In trading, the buyer of the option pays a certain amount of premium to the seller, and then obtains this right, that is, the right to sell or purchase a certain amount of the subject matter (commodities, securities or futures contracts) at a certain price (exercise price) within a certain time frame.

When the buyer of an option exercises its rights, the seller must perform its obligations in accordance with the provisions of the option contract. On the contrary, the buyer can waive the right to exercise. At this time, the buyer only loses the royalties, while the seller earns the royalties.

In short, the buyer of an option has the right to exercise the option and has no obligation to exercise; while the seller of an option only fulfils the obligation of the option.

Please keep in mind that trading is risky, and investors should be cautious.

Advantages of Trading With Us

  • Two-way trading

    When market conditions are bullish, you can buy call , and when it is bearish, you can buy put .

  • T+0 trading model

    Finance can be traded at T+0, and T+0 can be traded back and forth many times in the same day. Compared with the current stock market, based on the underlying of the stock, the T+0 trading method can be realized. Buy on the same day, sell on the same day, buy and sell at any time, regardless of whether you are making a profit or stopping a loss.

  • The specific leverage effect of

    each contract has a different leverage, and the leverage of the contract is not a fixed value.

  • The risks and returns of are asymmetrical 

    If you are a buyer, your biggest loss is the principal you invested, and your profit can be multiplied. As a seller, your biggest profit is the premium, which reflects the asymmetry of risk and return.

  • Finance act as an excellent insurance for holding stocks
  • Accountable, end-to-end service

    Unlike others, we use our own institutional-grade technology for liquidity, pricing and execution.